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eWay Better English is an online English school based in the Philippines that caters to all levels and ages of Japanese students learning English. eWay combines specialized techniques and expertise both by education and professional training of highly qualified English professionals in the Philippines. 

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Philippine Academe-Based Curriculum
Introducing a new, strategic English language learning system designed to incorporate the Philippine schools’ English education into online ESL education!


Materials for All Levels

To maintain quality of classes, eWay specially crafted materials patterned to cater to every learner’s need—every age and every level.


Affordable Rates

eWay Better English offers the most sophisticated ways to learn English within your home at the most affordable rates!

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Accessible on All Your Devices

Take classes like you take your coffee—daily! You can attend your classes on your laptop, PC, phone, or tablet every day.

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Japanese Support 

Our Japanese staff is just an email away!

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Free Trial 

Your first class with us is for FREE! Enroll now!

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Standard Daily English

eWay Standard Daily English Program is a multidisciplinary set of materials for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced students. It covers all the skills necessary for English language mastery: writing, speaking, reading, conversation, and grammar. 

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Teachers' Program

eWay Teachers’ Program is a very specific set of materials designed for Japanese teachers who want to teach Nihonggo using the English language as a medium of instruction.

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Business English Program

eWay Business Program includes business articles, textbooks, and conversation drills designed for students who are learning English for business and work. 

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Learn more about how Filipinos can speak English as well as they do. Book your first class for free, and we will teach you how!

We are proud to be in partnership with

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Children who start studying at a young age have a great advantage in mastering any language they study. 

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In our Kindergarten Program,

we teach English to our very young students by incorporating learning with fun videos and games! 

We study sounds, reading, and everything in between!

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Using our very own eWay Phonics System, elementary school students start their learning by studying and practicing the sounds of the English language.

They learn vocabulary, grammar, reading, and conversation at the same time.


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eWrite Materials are writing classes for select students.

It includes tips, strategies, exercises, and drills for writing proficient English essays, business letters, etc.

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eRead Materials include articles, stories for children, and reading drills for both adults and children to develop competency of the students’ reading comprehension skills.


eSpeak Materials are pronunciation textbooks,

both for children and adults, specifically using IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). 

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eTalk Materials will help students practice  their conversational and communication skills both in daily English conversation and in professional or business context.

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eGrammar Materials are grammar textbooks and exercises introduced by eWay to enhance not only the students’ speaking skills but also their grammar competency and proficiency.

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